Busy busy busy

So much has happened within the last three weeks its hard to know where to start. My internet is back up and running, I am able to post again and my head is bursting with so many posts that I have not been able to make I will probably have forgotten them by the time I have time to write them down. Just as a taster the celebrations of India’s independance and the great partition have been in the news so much that I wonder if religion is worth following at all. The difference between men and woman can be summed up in attitude to birthday presents. The lawlessnes of this once great country can be seen when innocent men die protecting their kith, kin and property, have we learned nothing from the Tony Martin case? My own battle with the Black Dog and the demands of modern life and duty have led me to reach deep into what ever mental resources I have and call on the help of some very close friends for whom I will ever be indebted to. You all know who you are. Until the next post and there will be many, I am Busy busy busy but rest assured normal service won’t be far away and I will soon be on top of things.

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