Mum pased away peacefully in her sleep at 23-10 on Wednesday 12 September 2007.  Myself, BC and several of mums friends had gone in to see her prior to her demise at approximately 19-00 hours and we left at around 20-15. At that point she genuinely believed she was getting better and coming home. I am glad that she went peacefully and in the belief that nothing was drastically wrong instead of being frightend because she was connected to tubes and machines and fearing the worst. The hospital rang at 23-20 to inform me of her departure and I went back to the hospital to see Mum and gave her still warm body a last cuddle and a hug and said my final farewells. This mainly consisted of telling her how wonderful she had been and how much I would miss her.

I will be writing a tribute and eulogy at some point over the next few days and a selection of photographs will be posted in the gallery. For now the flag is flying at halfmast over Chateau Ghastanbury. Details of her funeral and wake will be posted as soon as I have made the arrangements. Until then I hope that there is a God and she has genuinely gone to a better place.

RIP Elsie Born 22-06-1916 Died 12-09-2007

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