Hello world!

Ok, after more than a few beers, I decided that a blog about a barbecue would just not be enough to interest a lot of readers. So after loads of reminiscing I decided to write about life in general, the highs and lows and the good and the bad and sometimes the downright ugly. For the past few months I have been struggling with SAD (seasonaly affected disorder) and life in general which is always harder for me during the months between mid November and the end of March. Its a shame really because 5 months of out 12 are affected by such mundane things like the weather and the lack of sunshine. Its especially difficult just after Xmas when there is not much to look forward to until the clocks go forward. So as i normally do to cheer myself up I went on a spree of retail therapy and battered my credit card. (This always works until the bills come in!) Bought a new HiFi system, lots of cookery books and a few bits and pieces such as walking boots with the view that it was time to get in shape and the most gentle way would be to go for long walks. It all worked for a while as it usually does…

On Saturday gone my beloved football team lost to our most hated opponents and I started getting texts off my mate. (I will call him the driver cos he is a long distance driver) he has recently moved to another part of the country and I dont see anywere near as much of him as I used to do. This got me thinking about how many of my friends have moved away over the last few years. Its quite a few. My mate the Tiler (yes he is a tiler) has gone to Australia with his family and it would seem he is having a whale of a time out there. The tiler tells me that Australia was made for me with constant barbies, lots of beer and endless sunshine. Another mate left to go the same way a few years ago. Unfortunately I cant emigrate, I am too old!! Anyway after recalling about a dozen or so mates who have left I opened a bottle of red wine and went out into the cold night to watch the my first lunar eclipse. It was fantastic if you like that sort of thing and yes I do. When it was over I rang a taxi and headed onto a club and bumped into some old friends. After more than enough beers I came home. I must have done because I woke up in my own bed, however I paid for it. My hangovers are becoming worse and it was sometime in the afternoon when I woke up.

It was almost dinner time and a frantic session in the kitchen produced a pork shoulder and after eating it was time to head back to bed, nursing a worsening headache. Its true I cant drink like I used to. I am out of practise………. but hello world.

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