In stark contrast to the beginning of the week the weather has been awful, not cold, no snow just dark, grey and miserable. Inspiration has just seeped away over the last few days. Its not as though it has been spirit crushing like the depths of winter, but imagine if you will that you have a bucket and that bucket is full of hope and inspiration however it has a leak. Try as I might I cant fill the bucket back up again faster than it it is leaking away. My good friend and work colleague, “Commander Riker” and me have tried all week to lift our spirits but it has not been happening. Worse still is the news from the BBC that the weather is not going to get any better over this coming weekend.

Anyway I have written out a few birthday cards and popped them in the post. One is for Commander Riker and the other is for an ex colleague and another close friend “Legs”, so called because she has legs that go all the way up there……….. This evening me and the beancounter are off to see the Beast and his wife, yes she has forgiven me for the late night last week, Phew…. That is one of the good things that have happened this week, another is that I managed to purchase tickets to go and see “Whole Lotta Led” in a few weeks time and tomorrow morning tickets go on sale for a series of Rush concerts around the country. I am hopeful of getting my hands on a pair of them. I have missed out on Hyde Park Calling this year because it clashes with family commitments. A pity really because I dont think I will have the opportunity to see Aerosmith again and it would have my first chance to see Peter Gabriel headline at an outdoor venue. But on the plus side I have managed to get tickets for Bo Diddley and the beancounter has got me tickets to see Ray Davis. It would appear that this year is going to be a musical year which makes up for my inability to go away for more than a night at a time.

The exercises are on hold and the push bike is still in the shed just waiting for the first rays of sunlight to emerge. Things will definitely pick up with some sunshine and some good music. I often think how different things would have been if I had of been born into the Adams family and been able to enjoy moonbathing.

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