Move over John Wayne

Hi again, I know I sometimes bang the drum for the “Save the planet” mob, but after my smoker arrived, I knew I would not be able to power it with gas. I went to my local hardware store and priced up some charcoal which is something I have not done for a long time. It was with some sadness that I discovered that sustainable charcoal from managed copse’s is something like three times the cost of charcoal that does not. This caused something of a panic as it was then down to conscience over costs and my pockets are not very deep. I wish I could afford to be “green” but the charcoal has completely priced me out of it and any credentials I may have had have now been blown away by my lack of resources to be “green”. Anyway until I become a man of means I shall continue to use charcoal at a price I can afford.

On the plus side a delivery wagon turned up on my doorstep this morning with my grillslinger. For more details please go to this site, , if only to see what I am on about and no I am not endorsing this product but it looks so cool I just had to have one. After trying it on and adjusting the belt for comfort I drew the speed tongs out of the holster and practised pulling the knife and the speed pro burger turner out of the holsters. Only time will tell if this thing really works and is of some use or is more of a novelty. As usual I will keep you lot informed with regular updates and details but I must admit that with a decent leather hat I could honestly say “Move over John  Wayne“. ………




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