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Ok, I have been asked why I don’t have any adverts on my blog site. I don’t need them, I have not sold my soul to the devil for readership or numbers to make me look good or obtain higher Google ratings! There I have said it. I know the more pessimistic of you will say “You don’t have enough numbers to host any adverts or attract sponsorship”, but I do and the web logs confirm this, so there!

As I mentioned in my last post the TV is rubbish with repeat after repeat and loads of adverts (commercials to my American chums) every ten minutes or so. I watched one programme the other evening and the adverts started as the opening credits finished. So with this in mind I have started to listen to the radio in earnest once more. I reckon radio is about to enter a new golden age with good old “Aunty” showing the way. God bless the BBC and radio four and three and even two. But for sheer indulgence for a gentleman of my advancing years you cannot beat Planet Rock. This station plays all the tracks I listened to when I went to school. You will not hear any tracks by Wham or the Osmond’s on Planet Rock and the adverts are minimal. If you do not have a DAB radio then you can catch them on the net by going to

Music invokes memories and Planet Rock have had a Rush week. I am going to see Rush at the weekend and I have had pleasant memories about the Printer whilst listening to Rush. As far as I know he was their biggest fan. Having made up my mind that I will be selling Chateau Ghastanbury within the next couple of years I have made loose plans to go travelling around the world and I hope to visit the Printer and all my other friends in the land of the kangaroo and the Koala.

The Traveller contacted me some time this week from the Baltic Sea and informed me that he would not be going to Belize this coming autumn but would instead be going to Spain and Croatia. Consequently we have made plans to go and visit Belize in April of 2008. I have no idea what we will find when we visit but already friends and wags have dubbed me the 21st century Tarzan and they have informed of their images of me swinging from trees in the south American jungle and befriending Jaguars and Anacondas whilst talking to the parrots and exotic birds that live there. If only life was that simple.

On another note I have been blessed this evening, Bean Counter came with me to look at some furniture which I bought, Always good to have a woman’s thoughts and comments when furnishing a house. BC had to leave as she had engagements elsewhere but LMS and her friend the Chef arrived with some meat and exotic vegetables and proceeded to cook me tea or evening meal for those who don’t understand the vagaries of working class meal times.  The Chef is a real qualified chef and not a mere amateur cook like me. She can do amazing things with vegetables and taught me how to make a Cassoulet? Anyway it was a stew of smoked bacon, tomatoes and lots of beans with herbs and spices and tasted delicious. I have decided if I ever open an eatery on the lines of a barbecue and music joint then I will employ her to do all the fancy stuff, leaving me to cook all the big joints of meat and come up with sauces and bastes to compliment them. I actually think this would a good combination and after a few drinks so did she. LMS shook her head and sighed a lot but watch this space!

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