What hit me?

Well… a few mates turned up on Saturday afternoon as planned and we had a few drinks before moving onto a club to see my mates band make their debut. Five of us set off and arrived at the club at around 11-30pm. After numerous hellos, hugs and air kisses we sat down and watched the band who were spectacular and after numerous beers we said our goodbyes and arrived back at my house at around 4-30am (The clocks had gone forward by this time) Being in party spirit we carried on drinking until Little Miss Sunshine collapsed on the Beancounters (my long suffering other half) ample bosom. We made her comfortable on the couch (see photo in gallery) and carried on drinking. That was until around about 7am when the beancounter went to bed and I passed out. The decorator woke up miss Sunshine and got her home in a taxi.

Sunday morning came and at around 12 midday I tried to get out of bed. My legs didnt work, my back would not move and a nation of tin mining dwarves had moved into the place where my brain had previously lived. My prediction that I would feel awful after a day spent in the garden was becoming all too true. I decided it would be better for everyone if I stayed put and so I did until 7am this morning when the horrible realisation that it was time to get up get and go to work. It was at this point I discovered my hot water and central heating boiler had packed in and after a phone call to the repair people I was given the grave news it was too old to repair and I would have to get a new one. I am still in shock at this news, probably because the cost is about three time the price I had expected for a new one, but I have decided I have to get another one and now its just a matter of who can fit one the quickest.

It was a great weekend but I am still trying to fathom out what hit me!

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