You could not make it up

Our politicians and even our police appear to have admitted defeat in the battle to control our streets. The last week has seen an abundance of highlighted cases of upright citizens trying to protect property and life and being viciously attacked and even killed in the process. What has the law done? Well almost nothing as it happens and even when people are sent down for crimes they are seemingly given unjustly lenient sentences. It would appear we have learnt nothing at all from the Tony Martin case. Just to refresh your memories, Tony Martin was a Norfolk farmer who shot and killed one of two intruders trying to break into his home. He was duly sent to prison and the surviving would be burglar attempted to sue Tony Martin for damages on a number of occasions. The background was that Tony had had his farm burgled several times before and did not receive any help from the police when the incidents were reported. Feeling that the police were not interested in him Tony decided the only way he could protect his property was to develop a siege mentality and take up arms. My point is this, if the police had of acted when the first incident of burglary took place a second and third incident may not have happened. Secondly the burglars had no right to be on his property in the first place and it was they who, in my eyes at least were in the wrong.

This highlights the case that if you try to protect your property or kith and kin then the police or justice system will not afford you any protection. With this knowledge in mind is it any wonder that record numbers of Brits are selling up and moving away from this country. Last year over 300,000 Brits left to take up permanent residence in other countries. Among the top reasons for leaving were, feelings of not being safe, taxed too highly and benefits for not working outweighing the benefits of working, our borders are not secure and its too easy to walk in and claim benefits for doing nothing. I found it hard to believe, but it’s true, that if you are from the EU and working over here then you can claim child benefit for your children even if they live another EU country! Our economy is being drained by money being sent overseas. If this sounds bad I am sure the new EU constitution, which is not a constitution by the way, just ask Gordon brown or any of the labour politicians who are refusing the give the British public a referendum on the subject, will make matters much worse and law and order and common sense will go out of the window completely. No wonder I can’t wait to get to the airport and fly out for good. Just think if we all voted with our feet and money then our politicians might even take notice of us.

On another, you could not make it up, note, Wirral Borough Council have decided to invest 300,000 pounds on a monument at the start of the M53 to welcome visitors to this peninsular. All well and good until you realise that the money is an awful lot and then see what they have on mind as a monument. Worse still is the news in the Daily Mail that the monument may even be plagiarised. See this link for details.
Now you would think that the designers would have checked that something such as the design they had in mind did not already exist wouldn’t you? Well apparently not. See its not just national politicians and national government that are incapable of giving the people what they want and using rational and logic thought, it extends all the way down to regional and local level as well. On yet another, you could not make it up, note, The Mathew Street festival in Liverpool has been cancelled. Well not exactly cancelled but due to the Elf ‘N’ safety Nazis there will be no outside concerts this year due to the amount of building work going in the city at the moment in readiness for the European capital of culture 2008. Now you would have thought that some one would have foreseen the problems that all of this building work might have caused and made arrangements to have the concerts held somewhere were this isn’t any building going on, right? WRONG! I tell you the UK is going down the TUBES and you could not make this stuff up.

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