January may become bearable

January, it’s a depressing month. The nights are long the days are short, the skies are grey, the temperatures are low. Added to this is the fact that the bills start dropping through the letter box. January does not even have any events in it to make it more appealing. For example February is short month in which Valentines Day occurs. March is when the clocks go forward. April is when Easter normally appears and May has two bank holidays. June is when the summer solstice occurs, July is the start of summer and when the kids break up for the summer break, August has a bank holiday in it, September is when the kids go back to school. October has Halloween, November has Guy Fawkes Night and December is Christmas time. January does not have one single redeeming feature.

It is probably due to the fact that January is such a bad month that the highest numbers of divorce proceedings take place and it has the highest suicide rate of any other month, in the Northern Hemisphere at least. It was while I was bathing in the glow of my light box, furiously swallowing serotonin tablets and watching a programme about how the fast food industry is killing us that I started to wonder why I was here. Why have I not sold up and gone in search of the sun? I no longer have any ties here and no excuses to not go, well not solid, water tight ones at least. Yes the odd question has popped into my head such as what do I do with my stuff. I spent a long time acquiring it and when I had, it presented me with a reason for going to work.

The nice things or toys were my reward for doing something I did not enjoy. A horrible day at work was rewarded by coming home to a state of the art TV and hi fi system, a car that did not break down every 50 miles and a comfortable home that belonged to me and not to some one else. I have also asked what do I do if I ever have to come back? The thought of working on the nail counter at B&Q or selling the big issue and living in a hostel is not particularly appealing! In short us baby boomers have grown up with the notion that your job and your home are two assets that must be maintained and held onto at all costs.  I would love to do some serious travelling before settling down again. Leaving the UK is a one way ticket for me. There won’t be any coming back as there will be nothing to come back to. I will have no where to live and little chance of ever working again.

There is a way around this, I just have to think of it and then execute it. Until then I have some serious research to do and lots of people to talk to. With a bit of effort, January may become bearable.

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  1. Hey Smokey,there’s a room at my place with ya name over the door.There’s a BBQ waiting for your expert touch…………..and best of all theres a shed load of beer screaming to be drunk………so where the hell are ya?????????……..lol

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