Only in the Uk eh!

So much has taken place over the last few weeks and much of it completely irrelevant but it has stopped me from making an entry for some time. The rain stopped long enough for me to get some work done in the garden and one could almost believe it is summer time. I have even had to resort to watering some of the plants. In the last two weeks there has been a typhoon in Burma with a disastrous death toll, an earthquake in southern China with equally horrific casualties and local elections with a massive move away from our government. Indeed in could be said that the writing is on the wall for our beloved elected leadership. I can not in my lifetime remember when a political party has had such a vote of no confidence. The labour government has been trounced into third place firmly behind the Liberal Democrats.

Much of this can simply be placed at the feet of the government for being so out of touch and completely insensitive to the plight of the common man. When prices are spiralling out of control you don’t put the taxes up on the same items to make them even more expensive, well any one with any sense would not. However our beloved leaders seem to think that is a fine old wheeze to increase fuel duty and rake off even more VAT when the price of oil is hitting record highs of 120 dollars a barrel. The only people benefiting from these price increases is the treasury who are rubbing their hands with glee at the extra cash pouring into government coffers. Would it not make sense to put a finite figure onto fuel and commodities that stayed the same regardless of the final price? That way at least the public could see that it was not the government profiting from global price increases.

This makes perfect sense to me but Gordon Brown who has the charm and charisma of a dose of syphilis does not. His abolition of the 10p tax rate has left many of our poorest people worse off. This made all the worse because only those in work are affected. If you are on benefits it makes no difference to you at all. If you are in a low paid job you may as well pack it in and join the growing queues collecting benefits. What is even more alarming is his bungled attempt at undoing the damage it has caused and the time scale to rectify it with his announcement of the increase in personal allowances that do not kick in til next September. How much extra revenue will that bring in to the tax mans coffers? I look forward to the day when he is voted out of office and is out of work, struggling and is strangled by the very policies he has put into place. It saddens me but I now long for the days when Maggie Thatcher was at the helm. There were no U turns with Maggie and at least you knew where you stood with her. The fact that you were fucked is by the by, but you knew your place!

I cannot think of any where else in the democratic world where a so called socialist government would take money off the poor to give to the rich. Only in the UK eh!

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