Yes it’s true I have a new woman in my life. Slick, attractive, young, agile, very slim and goes like a steam engine all day long. Let me explain, some time ago Ted Magnum offered to help me find a new motorcycle. He has done a great job because he found me a Honda Transalp in excellent condition for an absolute song. Well last Thursday evening I finally picked it up and TM, Me and Bean Counters cousin went along to Manchester in a huge white van. TM took said bike out for a test ride and we struggled to get the bike into this huge van. A decent ramp would have helped but all we could find was a couple of planks. The guy selling the bike looked at them and offered to give us a large aluminium scaffolding plate which did the job very well. Arriving home she was offloaded and now takes pride of place in my garden covered and secured with a squillion quid’s worth of chain and locks!

I get to take her out for my first serious ride in oh so many years, this coming Wednesday.  Countless discussions with well meaning people have abounded over what to wear with most in favour of riding leathers. Now these are great if you are quite young but otherwise you end up looking like some twat out the Village people. I have decided that I need a World war two Flying jacket with the sheepskin collar and a white silk scarf accompanied by an open face helmet and some goggles. Nothing like getting flies in your teeth, anyway I am far too old to be wearing trendy stuff with logos emblazoned on the back of my jacket.

BC managed to get onto the back of the bike with out the aid of a step ladder and is now contemplating buying some new shiny red leather gear and some thigh high riding boots with 6” heels. As one of my mates said Bike out on Wednesday, Hospital on Thursday and bike back on EBay Friday. I do hope they are wrong! So, the name of the bike? Well it is a Honda, so there was no option really, she is called Rhonda.

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