Until then I have dreams

Clearing out, it happens to us all. One day you wake up and think I have so much clutter it needs to be sorted out. Well it happened to me this morning. I cleared thousands of emails I had stored from years past. I sorted out a lot of letters I have had from eons ago and sorted them out into piles which needed to be shredded. History has been erased, will I regret this, I do not know.  I have seen documentaries in which old and very often sad and lonely people clung onto the past by reading old letters and looking at old photographs. I take my hat off to them but I am taking the view that I will always have the future to look forward to and will never want to venture into the past. Pride comes before a fall and I just know that one day I will regret the actions of today but not right now. I pray to whatever Gods are out there that my memory never fails me.

The second round of Tai Chi took place this evening. It was not any easier than the previous week although I have been practising Bouji Walking and my forms all week. The perspiration still poured out of me although this a gentle exercise. No matter what my instructor told me my muscles were still in knots and my breathing erratic and I found it hard to relax as I was told to do. I do believe that it was the thought of people watching me get it wrong that made me so nervous. I have vowed to take a couple of Prozac pills before the next session. Am I going again? Definitely.

Genghis is still running the house. He has discovered the washing machine and lots more cables. There is a seemingly endless supply of things to keep him amused and occupied in Chateau Ghastanbury. One word from me and he does as he likes. I like independence in a creature, but not when he is living in my house. However I can forgive him because he is so cute.

The Traveller is home and he is coming to see me on Friday evening. I have made arrangements for him, The Beast, Teech and me to meet up at Château Ghastanbury for a drink or two and discuss where we are all going in the future. I feel certain that our futures are in some way linked together and as such we are going to discuss a plan that may be of benefit to us all. More news on that when we have met and patented our ideas or at least made sure no one else can pinch them before we put them into action!

Will I ever find the Utopia I crave? Possibly not but that wont stop me or others looking for it. Until then I have dreams.

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