We had best enjoy what time is left while we can!

Last night I went to see a Thin Lizzy tribute band called Limehouse Lizzy. They are probably the best tribute band I have ever seen or heard. The bass player looks remotely like Phil Lynott and the guitarists looked remarkably like Scot Gorham and John Sykes. The Lynott look-alike had the accent and actions off to a T. All thrusting groins, sexual innuendo, searing guitar licks, long hair leather and denim. The very stuff that rock n roll is made of. Would I go and see them again? definitely.  It was so different to the last time I went to see a band or artiste. Some time ago I had booked to see an amazing guitarist by the name of Alvin Lee. All pumped up I arrived at the venue to see one of the great rock n roll legends and relive some of my fast fading youth (some might say bleached beyond recognition).  

I knew something was wrong when said artiste walked on stage. His gait and manner were not what I had expected and he didn’t look entirely like I remembered him from his days with Ten years After. Within a few seconds the awful truth had dawned on me. It was Albert Lee on stage. I had booked to see the wrong guy. An easy enough mistake to happen when you book online after having had a few beers! Albert is also a great guitarist, born at the same time as Alvin and from the same country and indeed the same part of the UK. However, Albert is mainly a country guitarist while Alvin is pure rock. Both have the same skill and are equally talented but I hate country music. I stayed as long as I could for I really appreciated his skill and talent, but I could not bare the music he was making.

Ted Magnum has contacted me from Argentina and over the course of a few emails we have discussed the possibility of the two of us travelling from Alaska to Ushia some time in 2011. It’s a distinct possibility although anything can happen in three years. I have given some thought to travelling around the world when Château Ghastanbury has been sold. Last year I was given a rucksack and some rather fine walking boots and shoes for this very purpose. The trip if it comes off will be via motorcycle or Landrover. There are pluses and minuses for each form of transport however the rucksack and boots will be used whatever method is decided upon for the trip.

Sitting at my desk and looking out of the window at the bright blue sky and watching my old friends the Collared Doves attempting to build a nest for the coming season, the world seems fine and all is well. Plans are afoot for a financial venture and travel beckons at some far away point. The future looks bright, a different planet away from the chaos and bad news. What bad news? Well the Traveller who arrived an hour ago tells me that Japanese fighter planes have been scrambled to escort a Russian bomber out of Japanese airspace. The Russians are also building a naval base at a Syrian port that will give them the largest naval base in the Mediterranean. Combined with their flights into British air space at regular intervals and their increased control of gas and oil throughout Europe it looks ominous. Kosovo is expected to declare UDI which will be opposed by Bosnia and Russia oh and the Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that the UK accepts certain parts of Sharia law for some sectors of the community. Its time to get out before the Russians bomb us to bits and those who are left have to buy prayer mats and face east every morning. Mind you the Mayans did say the world would end on December 23rd 2012. We had best enjoy what time is left while we can!

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