Almost complete

After 18 months and what to me has been a small fortune my kit list is almost complete. The purchase of a lightweight poncho for off the bike travels and a new tarp to give my tent added protection or just as a covered area to park up my bike are the latest additions. The poncho came from Nomad travel and is very light and was not astronomical in price. The tarp was supplied by DD hammocks and again it is large light and waterproof to HH3000. This piece of kit was on sale and came in at around 26 pounds.

There are now only three items left on the list. I may not need them but I will feel happier for having them. The first is a set of bark busters. The hand guards on Rhonda are made of plastic and not very substantial. They keep the wind off my hands but in a fall they will offer little or no protection, I hope the bark busters will address this problem.

The second item is one I will have to make up myself and consists of some pannier racks to be mounted on my crash bars. Currently all the weight of my gear is at the back of the bike and it is a struggle to keep the front wheel down when moving off from a standing start. The racks which will hold my tools and cooking gear will help to redistribute the load more evenly.

The last item is the one that has caused me most anguish. It is a replacement for my untrustworthy sat nav. I have mentioned this one piece of equipment more than any other and it has to be replaced. Maps are all well and good but unless they have a big X on them saying you are here then a satnav is essential, especially on foreign soil where most signs will not be in English. The satnav is probably one of the most expensive items I will have to purchase. Motorcycle satnavs need to be shockproof and waterproof because they are open to the elements. Consequently they are three times more costly than the equivalent car equipment.

There is the possibility of a way around this, Givi and Xtreme Wearther (their spelling not mine) both make a waterproof sat nav bag in which you place a cheap car GPS. I hope to be purchasing one of these babies sometime in the New Year and dispensing with my old Garmin for good!


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