My country no longer exists

It is all change yet again. My pre-op appointment has been cancelled and my date for an operation has been brought forward by 25 hours. Yes, I go in one day earlier and one hour before my previous allotted slot. Will this change, who knows? What is certain that the next post after this one will be from Commander Riker with any news gos or scandal.

It is time for a rant, I have not had one for weeks! The country is going to the dogs more and more each day. The labour government have screwed us into the ground and if the Lisbon treaty is ratified by just one more country then we will all be shafted because the decision will be enshrined in law and cannot be reversed. We will have a European president who will represent ALL 27 countries of the EU a European defence minister who will decide on our behalf what wars if any we will fight and our borders will be controlled by a minister in Brussels. In short it will not be worth having  a UK parliament because they will unable to make any new laws or control borders or implement policy without us having to go the Parliament in Brussels to ask them if it is OK.

Within a few months the England I knew will no longer be recognisable. We will be just one more state in the European Federation. I was in Scotland a few months ago and they have been told not to fly the Saltire (their own flag) in case it offends Muslims or ethnic minorities. None of this they have to fit in with us, we have to fit in with them! Apparently it is ok to support your national team but if you support your country then that is racist.

Political Correctness has gone mad and I would rather be living in a South American dictatorship than the hell hole this country has become. I used to love my country, in a few weeks time I will no longer have one, and I will merely be living in a state of the European Federation and governed by faceless wonders in Brussels. Oh and by the way Tony Blair is set to be the first president of this new federation. If you read the full text of the Lisbon treaty it will scare the shit out of you. Gordon Brown promised a referendum when it was called the Lisbon Constitution so they changed the name to the Lisbon Treaty and the referendum was cancelled.

Rant over, I have been reading more and more travel books during my time of enforced idleness and as a result I have grown more and more restless. Each passing day reminds me of the fact that I am getting older and that time is marching on. There is so much to do so many places to visit and so many things to see. I do not regret any of the actions I have taken over the years but I do regret some of the things I did not do. I do not want to experience the world and all it has to offer on a fly and fry package holiday going only where the tour operators allow me to go. I desperately want to visit the Tiler and Printer and some of my family down under but realise that two weeks holiday will not allow me to achieve this. No I need at least four months in Oz alone with at least another month in New Zealand. To travel the bits of this planet that I have earmarked will take two years at a pinch.

At this point I do not know how I am going to achieve this especially within the current economic climate. All I know is that Rhonda is sitting rather forlornly in the garden itching to stretch her legs, my passport is staring at me with an accusing look and that within a few short months  and after a three month diet of boiled, stewed, steamed and grilled vegetables and fish I should be back to physical perfection.

I do realise that I will have to leave as soon as possible after President Blair takes office and my country no longer exists.


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