The camera does not lie

Apologies, again for the delay in posting but once more my comp has become infected with spyware and it has taken me some time to clean it with the help of Commander Riker of course. So what have I been up to and what is new since my last post?  The Revellers got married. Yes they are now an official item. And good news it is too. I mean without marriage, vicars and divorce lawyers would be on the dole and in these times that would not be good for the economy with all the job seekers allowance being paid out. So, the very best of luck to the newlyweds in their future together. Naturally BeanCounter and me went to the evening party after the wedding, had a great time, met some old friends and took some photos. It was a fantastic night and an absolute bapfest, thanks Sapho! Check out the gallery.

With the weather being as bad as it has been (the forecasters told us it would be a good summer and so far it has pissed down for most of June and July) barbys have been a rarity. So when Ted Magnum called around one evening we decided there and then that this was as good as it was going to get and my annual big barby was going to take place that very evening with just seven people. Teech came along as did the Animal, the Revellers, BC and of course Roger Moore.  Meat and sausages were cooked in the rain and TM managed to get a bit of a blaze going. Actually it was an inferno and he burned one of the roof trusses I was going to use for a new porch before I had realised what he was doing. Much alcohol (read obscene masses) was consumed and after what seemed like 5 minutes but was several hours, BC had gone to bed and everyone else had left to go home apart from TM, Teech and me.

Now this happens to everyone at least once in his or her lifetime. You have a few drinks with friends and then some one comes up with an idea of such breathtaking audacity and brilliance that it must be acted upon and put into action immediately. Thus it came to pass that TM said why don’t we go for a streak?  Within moments and without thought or question Teech, TM and yours truly had stripped to the buff and were running around the grounds in Château Ghastanbury.  It was a real Chariots of Fire moment; only the slow-mo and glasses of champagne atop the hurdles were missing. A genuine throwback to the seventies when streaking was all the rage.

God alone knows what any of the neighbours would have thought had we been spotted. We were lucky it was close to 4am. At best it looked like an over enthusiastic bout of naturism and at worst a warm up for a full on gay orgy. It only became apparent the following morning when with all of us suffering with hangovers TM said “I had a horrible dream last night; we were all streaking down your road”. With some flickering of joint recognition we prayed that it had been a collective bad dream but deep down we suspected it wasn’t. Sheepishly we looked at each other and checked mobile phones and cameras. I can tell you the camera does not lie.


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  1. Now im almost possitively sure that it was the idea of “Teach” to strip down to our birthday suits..

    He’s a dirty deviant without a doubt 😀

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