You have the bridge number one!

Acting Captain’s Log

On the 24th September, my partner in crime was taken into one of the local infirmaries after spectacularly failing his pre-op assessment for his gall bladder removal in October. The nurses dealt with the situation admirably and facilitated his transfer from one hospital that deals with healthy people to another which deals with unhealthy people, still not sure how that works but never mind.

After much investigation it has been found that another gall stone has developed and is currently lodged in the bile duct which is causing jaundice. Thankfully Bean Counter today informed me that the operation to remove this troublesome bugger was successful and the hospital is hoping that the condition should subside over the next few days. They’ve also stated they’ll deal with removing the gall bladder in a few weeks. However, this schedule has changed so much over the previous few days I would take it with a rather large pinch of salt.

So for now I’m currently in charge of posting to the blog any updates and information that I receive and I sincerely hope that Smokehouse returns in the not too distant future to post, as only he can, about the fun and frolics he’s experienced on his time away. The idea of me posting to keep people updated was discussed at length when I visited him the other evening and the conclusion was that it would be an entertaining jaunt if anything else. His parting words to me: “You have the bridge number one!”

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