we can be heroes

I cannot remember the last time I was so delighted to see a year out. 2009 was not the worst year in my life but it was far from the best and 2010 has come in roaring like a lion. The weather is awful and I am finally back in work. I have a lot of catching up to do both work wise and socially. The past year has also treated various close friends in a similar manner to me although it would not be fair to put names to ailments even if most of them are Nome De Plumes. It is just best to say here is to 2010 and I hope everyone out there has a wonderful year ahead of them.

For me the coming year will be a busy one if any of my dreams are to come to fruition. There is still a lot of work to be completed on the house before the “for sale” sign goes up and I hope to have this ready by the end of September. Hopefully the economic situation will have recovered enough by this time to encourage the banks to lend realistic amounts of money to would be home buyers. There is no shortage of people who want to and can afford to buy. There is a shortage of banks who will lend them the money to do so.

It has also been noted and commented upon that the posts in my blog have been lacking in both regularity and frequency. Sad though it is while there has been a great deal to comment upon I have not always been up to the job of blogging. I mean to say who would have thought that Tiger Woods would have become a hero and a true aspiration to many young sportsmen. I can hear the gasps of incredulity from here but allow me to explain. One marital indiscretion may seem like being cold hearted, two maybe a bit caddish and three definitely a bit of a rake, but 13 and still counting! For god’s sake if I was the chief exec of Pfizer or Red Bull I would be banging on his doorstep with cheques for endorsement.

I can see the adverts now, Tiger Woods sponsored by Red Bull and Viagra. The advert for Gillette would definitely be along the lines of Even Tigers love a smooth pussy, Gillette the best a man can get. So how come Tiger has become a hero in my eyes? Well it shows what you can do when you get to the top of your game. How many adolescent males with far too many hormones running around them would dedicate themselves to sport if they thought they could earn loads and be banging porn stars, cocktail waitresses and hostesses instead of rioting on the streets and selling drugs.

Think about it, England would have won every world cup since its inception if all young footballers thought that would be a reward for practise, hard work, long hours and dedication. Our entire Olympic team would become gold bearing Olympians with monotonous regularity. As Dave Bowie sang we can be heroes.


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