One should see stars as lent ends?

Well the clocks went forward and the mercury started to rise, pancake day and lent came and went and so did Easter. So why the absence of posts, another sabbatical perhaps? The answer is no! After Pancake Tuesday, which in true fashion was different at Chateau Ghastanbury, it was held on a Wednesday instead and I decided to give up alcohol, my blog and shaving. Why so many items? Well I knew I would fail in at least one and after a visit to see my brother a mere 10 days after abstinence, the drink was the first item to fall at the wayside. I now sport a beard and as many people have said it suits me and to keep it as there have been who said it does not and to start shaving again.

The house has had yet another item crossed off the task list and the porch is now spotless and gleaming with only the utility room left before downstairs is completely finished. This leaves three rooms upstairs to be refurbished as and when the time, inclination and money are all collectively available. It is starting to feel as though I have completely rebuilt this house over the past few years, certainly enough time and money has gone into it.

My Barbie’s, smokers and grills were cleaned and refurbished over the Easter period. The smoker was recoated with heat proof paint and the legs and wheels have been coated in Hamerite in vibrant and funky black, gold and red. I also attended the first Barbie of the season at Ted Magnums. I have to say it felt strange being sober but I was doing my best to keep what was left of my abstinence. The host and his guests made up for my lack of alcoholic intake and a good time was had by all, hopefully it will be the first of many this year.

I also bought two new tents, one for the bike to replace the kite I lost inDevonand another to go in the back of the car. The large one was tested in the garden and all went well until my cat, Genghis, decided to use it as a scratching post. It now sports several swathes of McNet magic repair tape. Hopefully that will be enough to keep the worst of the weather out in what is still a brand new and unused tent.

Rhonda is now sporting new tyres and what a difference it makes. It is like riding a completely different bike. I went on the egg run and because Beancounter was unwell and not up for the ride I took Roger Moor along with me as a pillion. It was the first time he had even been on a motorcycle before and in spite of a nervous first few minutes he loved it.
Hopefully when BC is well and fit once more I have plans to ride Rhonda into the Dark forest at Galloway and take BC camping.

For those who have never heard of a dark sky park or dark forest, there are only four currently in the Northern hemisphere. One is in the UK at Galloway near Stanraer in Scotland.
The light pollution in these parks is so low that you can see the night sky and the stars as nature intended. Perhaps it is fitting that one should see stars as lent ends?

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