Lets hope the Mayans are wrong


Well we have all done it. One moment it is half past September and you think I should sort out my international Christmas cards and the next it is 10 to February and thoughts turn to what f**k happened there?

 Seriously though time just disappears into a black hole with so much happening that by the time you manage to sit yourself down and start writing something else has happened. The proposed blog make over and update did not quite happen but the idea is not exactly dead in the water, it is merely dormant until commander Riker has a moment or two spare. For now a couple of tweaks and a new category will have to suffice. Christmas came and went with Chateau Gastanbury packed to the rafters for the best part of it. New Years Eve was much the same with old friends the driver and his squeeze staying and collectively we saw in 2012.

 Well then what did happen in 2011? Basically the whole world went down the financial shitter with Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain right there at the head of the proverbial queue. The financial meltdown that started in 2007 shows no sign of receding and all but a few economists forecast things will not get any better over the next few years. Quite a few have forecast things to get much worse and a mere handful are optimistic. Basically this is the longest recession I have ever experienced. In short 2011 ended pretty much as it started.

 I never make New Year’s resolutions but some time on New Year’s Day I decided I was going to abstain from alcohol until my birthday. I am now 3 weeks in and I can honestly say I do not miss it although I thought I would. After the first week of the New Year I made the decision I was going to have at least 4 meat free days a week. My stomach had been giving me a lot of problems for some time and I figured that my over rich diet just might be the cause. I am only just getting used to that and my stomach and digestive system is actually better than it has been in years although it has taken me well over a week to come up with a recipe that makes stir fry actually taste nice.

 Due to a chest infection picked up last September I had a chest X-ray where a shadow was found on my left lower lung. A course of antibiotics and the chest infection was gone but a spirometry test and further X-ray showed I had the lungs of an 85 year old. Something had to be done and so this morning I had what was hopefully my last cigarette. I have started on a course of nicotine patches and I have an electronic cigarette which I can say is absolutely disgusting but it gives me something to do with my hands. For some one who does not make resolutions I have made three. For the sake of my health and longevity I hope to keep all three of them although I may just have bitten off more than I can chew.

 Plans for long term travel are almost in a state of perpetual suspension although day trips and weekends away have already started to fill in my calendar. A two week trip to Memphis US is in the pipeline and while Bean counter gets to re-visit Graceland I finally get to visit Rosedale at the very heart of the Robert Johnson legend.

 As most of you know this blog started off February 2007 as a barbecue blog but has expanded somewhat. Indeed the barbecue section has been somewhat lacking due to the weather but plans are afoot for this year to be the best since I started the blog. Unless the weather makes it impossible a series of veritable feasts incorporating menus as far removed from the burnt sausages and the odd burger that are regular staples of the average English will take pride of place this coming summer.

 Until the next post happy 2012 and let’s hope the Mayans are wrong.