Busy Busy

January has finally gone. As far as I am concerned it is without equal, the worst month in the northern hemisphere. I can’t think of a single redeeming feature this month has. It is long, dark, cold, damp, miserable and it brings in all the bills from the excesses of the festivities. Would it not be a good idea if they chopped 3 days off the month and added them onto other months in the summer? It is not as if this has not been done before. Julius Caesar and Augustas had months named after them and added days onto them to make them longer.

So here we are in February and the temperatures have dropped. There is talk of snow although it has not happened in this neck of the woods yet. So what has been happening? Well personally not a lot although I am still not smoking and I have still not touched an alcoholic drink since New Year’s Day. I think a lot of people were expecting me to have fallen off the wagon by now but I am happy to report that I have not wavered although my mood swings mean some people are staying out of my way. I can live with that!
One of the side effects of not smoking is that the weight has already started to pile on and so I am starting a keep fit campaign in a week or so. The NHS has given me a 3 month free pass to any of the council run gymnasiums in the borough. I hope to go swimming at least a couple of times a week for the 3 months duration. Who knows I may even start pumping iron and pressing weights in the gym. I really can’t see it myself but stranger things have happened.

The economy of Europe looks shakier by the day with Investors in Greece accepting losses of up to 75% on loans they made to the Greek government in the form of bonds they bought. Normally a situation in which a few “rich” people lost a few bob would not be a cause for concern but in this case the “rich” people are the ones entrusted to look after our pension pots. Savings, pensions and investments of ordinary folk will all suffer because the Greeks will not pay their debts. The old saying of “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” might as well now read “never trust any Greek ever at all under any circumstance”. The least the Greek government could do is flog a couple of their islands and pay off the debts with the funds received; it is not as if they don’t have a few spare. Rant over!

To cheer myself up I blitzed my credit card and bought another barbeque. It is a small sunncamp portable and I bought it to take camping on the bike with me I also bought a few bits for Rhonda. I always said I would never go down the Touratwat sorry Touratech route of buying overpriced non essential bits for my bike. However I wanted some folding mirrors and although a few sites out there sell them none of them had a decent review. The ones at Touratwat not only had a review but photographs and fitting instructions so in the end I was left with no other option. Lo and behold they arrived within 48 hours of ordering. I guess you get what you pay for and Touratwat are expensive but their service is rather good, I expect the mirrors to be as good. I also bought tickets to go and see the Answer in April. They were the support band to ACDC in Paris in 2009 and I was well impressed with them, impressed enough to buy a couple of CD’s. I am also going to see a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Mothership in a few days. Reports from both gigs will appear in the new section of this blog along with reviews from other concerts, festivals and gigs I have been to. Expect to see a report about Peter Frampton shortly.

Unlike January February is going to be busy busy

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