Ok a little about me. I am a 50+ male living in the mystical (some say mythical) town of Higherdew on a peninsular between the River Dee and the River Mersey  in the UK. I love doing really important things like drinking ice cold beer, making fires, cooking insanely large cuts of meat on them and listening to the blues, preferably all at the same time. In fact apart from great sex and football (thats soccer to all my American chums out there) they are the three most important hobbies in my life.

Having been a barbecue junkie with taste for a drop of the hard stuff and a penchant for the blues for well over 30 years, I was persuaded by well meaning friends that it was about time I shared my thoughts views and experiences with the rest of the world. My friends seem to think I have a different take on life. Over a period of time I hope to publish the exploits of me and my friends (who shall remain nameless to preserve dignity) and I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing them.

A note about Baster bates
*Some say Baster bates is half man half animal whose veins run with chili sauce and whose very breath can ignite a dying fire pit from 50 paces. His face has never been seen and it is alleged that he is the illegitimate half brother of Top Gears very own Stig. His voice is a cross between Steven Hawkings and Darth Vader. His age is undetermined but he is also talented at making marinades, rubs and all things spicey to perk up any barbecue event. He has never poisoned any one…..YET.