An update

Regular readers of this blog will realise that there has not been a regular update for some time. Allow me to explain and jog some memories. Some time shortly after Ghastanbury in June, mum was moved down stairs as she was no longer fit enough to climb the stairs each night. A fortnight ago my brother came to stay with me and together we went to see her GP. He was able to tell me that due to a fluttering heart condition and low blood pressure there was nothing they could do to reduce the fluid she was retaining. Each medication had a different form of side effect that she was unable to cope with.  

Her deterioration since, has been swift and she is now in hospital having entered last Thursday with blood loss.  Her lung capacity has been greatly diminished by the fact that her lungs are filling up with fluid due to the failure of her kidneys. She has oxygen and is on both a saline and a blood drip. I spoke to the nurses this evening and asked them if she was ever coming home. The nurses declined to comment and referred me to the consultant who I have yet to make an appointment with. However I am mindful of what her GP said about this being as good as it was going to get.

I asked him at the time how much time she had left and he said “how long is a piece of string”. I asked what the worst scenario was and he replied something along the lines of, If she is lucky she will pass away painlessly in her sleep having drowned in her own fluids. It may be some time before I can post another entry but I will try and keep everyone updated as much as I can.

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