Brave or stupid

One of the 50 gallon oil drums arrived over the weekend and I am going to modify this and use it for the smoker. Its thin gauge metal and wont stand up the stresses of being used for a fire box for very long. Thats when I had the idea that the fire box must be 1/8 or 1/4 inch steel or iron plate. Looking around I found a couple of empty Butane bottles and thought they would be just the job. I am more than capable of cutting the oil drum to spec and making the frame with wheels for everything to stand upon and I have even thought about using high grade exhuast paint for the fire box and hammerite for the smoker and frame. The vents and chimneys will be made of flexible stainless steel tubing and all in all it should look quite pretty in black, red and shiny stainless steel.

Cutting the propane/butane bottles presents a challenge of its own and one site I looked at had a disclamier for its plans. "You try this at your own risk". I have thought of taking the bottle to those awfully nice chaps at the fire station to ask them if they could cut it for me. They must have the cutting gear as they free people from car crashes and wrecks everyday? However being the public spirited chap that I am I reckoned this would be a total waste and misuse of public resources.  Another friend who has his own garage told me he did not have cutting gear only welding gear. It would appear that I am in need of some one with excellent engineering skills and equipment, either that or some brawny individual who is very brave or stupid.

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