“Froth and Flames”

Mum went into hospital on Thursday morning for her cataract removal and lens implant. The operation was a success and we hope she will be coming home sometime on Sunday. A lot of work was carried out on the garden and I managed to remove and replace my ageing pond and generally tidy up. It may be Easter but it has been busy busy busy. To clebrate the success of the operation and hopefully end months of worry all round, I cracked open a beer and sparked up the chimnea.

As the flames grew marking the start of the season, I opened a bottle of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Halfway through the bottle I realised it was misnamed and should of been called Rampant Wildebeest, this stuff has a kick! All was going well until the chimnea either through metal fatigue or sheer boredom collapsed. Blazing coals scattered around the patio area under some glowing bits of metal. It was far too hot to attempt to move them and all I could do was watch. Around ten minutes or so later a serious of loud bangs occured and it was at this point I remembered concrete explodes when heated. My patio was exploding before my eyes. There was not much I could do except to watch until the fire went down and eventually expired.

I got up this morning remembering the Rampant Wildebeest and went into the garden to survey the damage and it was not as bad as it first appeared. The chimnea can be patched up as the cast iron bits are still intact. But finally we have Froth and Flames……….


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