Gone but not forgotten

Todays news headlines have been about little else other than Tony Blairs decision to stand down as Prime minister or should that be presidente? I have never met the man and to the best of my knowledge he has never done me any personal harm but amid all the glowing and gushing tributes I cant help but harbour reservations about his so called legacy and I am not sorry he is going.

As he once said when he first came into power, "you cant be in office for so many years and get everything wrong".  Personally I cant see what he got right that either directly or indirectly affected me, all I have to go one is the list of things I believe he got horribly wrong. He did not put right all the wrongs the previous government had got wrong and our ship yards and heavy industries still lie in ruins. Our national border controls are an embarrassing international joke. Our prisons are overcrowded despite crime rising substantially and some judges saying they wont put prisoners away because there is no space. At least 8000 places in prisons could be created tomorrow if all the foreign criminals were deported.

Political correctness is out of all proportion as is the lack of ability to administer discipline along with any pretence that respect for anything other than gun law and violence actually exists. Add this to a disastrous war in Iraq over none existent WMD and allegations of sleaze and honours for sale with cronism and media spin. No I am certainly not sorry he is going and as soon as I am able I will be leaving this country too. Its sad because I believe myself to be fiercely patriotic and its a shame that some one has been allowed to run the country of my birth into what I believe is a state of non repair. If any of my ex pat mates are reading this, let it be a sad reminder of why you left in the first place, its even worse now than when you first departed. Like Tony Blair you are gone but not forgotten

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