March winds

The March winds have arrived with a vengeance and the oil drums have been rolling around in the garden. There was snow and blizzards forecast for the coming week but we seemed to have missed out on the snow. Yesterday I decided to see how I could cook a leg of lamb with different marinades and rubs and after 4 hours it came out of the oven smelling wonderful. Four of use ate the whole damn thing in under an hour, it was that good. The house still smells like a Bombay spice market but I am getting used to that now and I am even beginning to like it.

With the weather the way it is it will be some time before I manage to do anything in the garden or construct any smokers with the oil drums. Even the logs I had stored and drying have been drenched because the fly sheeting I had covered them with has blown off and probably sailed across several gardens. It may be some time before I make another post due to the bad weather. Not that it stops me from typing you understand its just because there is nothing to write about unless some one turns up on my doorstep offering to cut some propane bottles open for me!!

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