More news as it happens

It is definitely the end of the season and I have not done anything since Halloween; however plans are being made for next year as I write. Ted Magnum is in Argentina exploring all sorts of cooking methods and The Saint informed me of one guys successful bid to organise the biggest barbecue in the world. He has successfully spit roasted a 550 KG camel, that is approximately 1237 pounds of meat. Check this…….

All of a sudden I feel inadequate. To make matter worse I found this on a website. This is just amazing and how could any one who is really into barbecues not be impressed with this beast of a machine?  Listen girls, forget aftershave and socks this year, get your man one of these for Xmas, you know its what he wants alongside a decent train set and his own pub!!
I just gotta have one of those!!!!

The new season is four months away at least and I am praying that the weather is better than this year. More news as it happens

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