Pretty good but hectic

It’s been such a busy week I have not had time to fill in my blog for what seems like ages so in attempt to catch up here goes. Friday quiet night in, Saturday the worst cup final I have ever seen, Chelsea and Manchester United, it was an embarrassment to our national game. I also received a phone call from the traveller that he was on his way to China. Sunday went to see Ray Davies at the Liverpool philharmonic and it was well worth going. Almost a 2 .5 hour set full of new songs and of course all the old favourites that I remember him for. Monday I went see the beast and came home with almost a ton of cut logs (see the BBQ blog). Tuesday, the Beast came to see me and we sat in the garden with a beer or two. Wednesday went shopping, tidied the house, went to a fabricators (again see BBQ blog), came home and got ready to go and watch the EUFA cup final at a friends.

Yes the EUFA cup final, ahem… Well the first goal was a handball and should not have stood the press photos clearly show this. The final whistle went 13 seconds before the close of play not taking into consideration the fact a substitution by AC Milan took place and should have added at least 30 seconds to the run of play as well as injury time during the three allocated minutes of added time. Not that I am bitter at all, the second goal by AC Milan was magic. The driver rang me up just after the match to taunt me; well every dog has his day and just wait until next year. Seriously though this season has shown that it’s now practically impossible for any English team to fight on four fronts with three domestic honours to compete for and European glory as well.

Today I took mum to hospital for another inspection and the doctors are quite happy with her progress, so much so that she has now been discharged and does not need to go back again. On another note Bo Diddley has suffered a serious stroke and it looks as though his career is over at the age of 78. I wish him well and will rue that I did not see him live and the date at the cavern club in Liverpool for next month has duly been cancelled. All in all it’s been a pretty good if not hectic week.

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