The Gestapo

It would seem that the mystery of the disappearing tadpoles has been solved. I have discovered, much to my horror that the Beast who was around at my house on the day I broke in the spit roast, not only threw up in the grid and in the garden but also in my small pond. I have always said to people that one day I would have a vomitorium in my garden, just for the days in which I re-enact the fall of empire. Well why not? I would appear to have almost everything else apart from the money and the slaves but I am working on that. I did not envisage that people would use the pond as a substitute until it was built. Sadly the tadpoles did not survive the chemical attack that was the contents of the “Beasts” stomach. My attempts to have organic pest control have for now been scuppered. There will be few if any frogs and no hedgehogs to keep the slugs and snails down this year.

After watching a few evenings of Night time spring watch, it’s so much better than the non reality TV fare on offer such as BB, I have come up with a plan to put some bird boxes in the trees at the bottom of the garden in the hope they will eat insects and things. There is already one bat flying around in the evenings but he does not seem very hungry judging by the amount of mozzies and greenfly in the garden. Hopefully a bird or two will help the ecological balance.

While performing some deadly dull domestic chores I watched a programme about the changes in Britain which featured the Thatcher years. Most people either love or hate Maggie, there does not seem to be any in between. I guess that’s what make’s me different. I don’t hate her but I am not a big fan of hers either. I was lucky enough to get out of the building and heavy industry before she destroyed it all and entered the service industry which is where I have been ever since. I think the Thatcher years were good to me. I even had the sense to reckon on mortgage repayments hitting 14% and deciding if I could afford a house before they actually did. None of this helped many of my friends though and some are still suffering from the excesses of her years in power. I guess that’s why the Tiler thinks I am more rightwing then Genghis Khan. Certainly on learning of the fate of my tadpoles he had no hesitation in branding me and the Beast the Gestapo of wildlife!

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