The vote and Eco Warriors

Yesterday was quite a good day, I got up early with no hangover and the sun was shining. After breakfast I said good bye to my friend the traveller with a view to hooking up with him in a few weeks. I managed to get to the shops, put a few wash loads on and for the first time this year I got the lawnmower out and cut the lawns back and front. I also made several trips to the tip. The tip has changed quite a lot over the last few years. You now have to sort your rubbish out by commodity before you can leave it there. This always makes me feel like an Eco Warrior doing my bit for global warming and helping the community. In fact the council have kindly given us two bins with a third on its way shortly for us to sort our household waste into. You place glass, tins, plastic and paper in one bin, garden waste in another and everything else in the third. This sounds great and to not do this would be nothing short of Eco Terrorism. Now I don’t mind doing this but some council’s are going to fine people and give them a criminal record if they don’t. That’s great for able bodied people and those with full sight, but what if you can’t see and put the wrong stuff in the wrong bin by accident? Another thing is they are not reducing the rates for us doing their job. In fact they are putting them up and reducing services!

Anyway a local councillor came to see me today to ask if I was going to vote in the local elections so I mentioned this to him and he said he would give it some thought. Then he asked if I was going to vote for him and I said “no”. He asked why not and I proceeded with a verbal tirade about everything from the loss of our industries and our border controls to the fact Ted Heath should have been hung as a traitor for signing us into the EU without telling us our fishing rights were being signed away. Not happy with this and feeling in my stride that this little prick wanted my vote I then proceeded to tell him that Margaret Thatcher had ruined the country and that even worse Tony Blair has just had ten years to put everything right and he has sat on his arse and dragged us into a war. I mentioned the fact that the British navy had commissioned two new aircraft carriers and they would be built by Thales in France because Margaret Thatcher had closed all the shipping yards and we had no one to make ships for us anymore. Just to finish him off and apply the coup de grace I told him all politicians were lying scheming little bastards who were only just behind estate agents and solicitors in the trustworthy stakes. This sent him off with a flea in his ear.

For what it’s worth, I think we should all vote because millions of people died for the right to have that vote and to not use it is nothing short of criminal. What saddens me is that I can’t see any one worth voting for.

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