A long way off!

Easter came and sorta went. Not much to report except that as usual Château Ghastanbury was busy and lots of people passed through over the period. The weather was a complete washout and some building work I had scheduled had to be cancelled. It’s pretty dangerous being on a ladder with a 40-50 mile wind gust factor. I guess the guttering and re-painting of the fascias and soffits will have to wait until some time in summer. I started work in the garden this morning and by 10-30am I had to stop for a while until the snow had stopped. A new shed that had been scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning has had to be put back by two days to allow the old flagstones to be re-laid and settle. The garden currently resembles a car boot sale with stuff everywhere as there is no place to put it. I have no idea how a person can collect so much junk in such a short time but we do and I have.

The financial crisis that has hit the UK in the way of a credit squeeze and so many building societies and banks cutting mortgage loans to only 75% of value has hit people around the world. The Printer emailed me to inform me of the state of things down under and the Tiler rang me during Easter weekend with similar tales of woe. The Traveller who is in the Baltic informs me that things are no better in Eastern Europe. In fact the only person who seems to be having a good time of it lately is Ted Magnum who is currently zooming around Brazil on his South American tour.

One piece of good news is that my favourite radio station, Planet Rock, has had a temporary reprieve from its scheduled closure on March 28th. It has been given a months grace in the hope that a buyer can be found before it shuts down for good. Well actually there are two pieces of good news. The other one is my diet which has seen me lose 6lbs over the last two weeks. I hope to keep this up and by summer be back to my svelte like self. With the prospect of worldwide food shortages this is a definite possibility.

Well it has stopped snowing and the sun is trying to peer through the clouds. I had better get back into the garden and make the most of every ray of sunshine available before the weather turns again. The barbecue season seems a long way off!

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