Getting Away

I have read so many books about travel and they have all held my interest. However the big question for so many people is how do you go about it? Most of the books I have read from Ted Simon and his travels to Sailing around the world on the Lost Soul 2 and walking around the world by various hitch hikers have all had one thing in common, sponsorship by some one or other.

Only the other day I read about a family who sold everything they had, paid off all of their debts and bought a bus and are currently travelling around the world. This sounded great until I looked at their website and saw the sponsorship given by so many firms that it seems as though they are travelling free. I know this is not the case but it does seem to so many people I have spoken to that unless you can get some one else to pay for your travel than it can’t be done.

So I have decided that after reading so many books including those by the ultimate team, The Mondo men, I am going to include every penny I spend on preparing the bike and organising the trip that I can. I am also going to rack it day by day so that others will realise what the true cost are. In years to come they can work out the inflation rates and do the maths and decide if it is for them or even doable.

So here goes and everything is in pounds and Great British Sterling. I understand that inflation rates fluctuate and so does the cost of buying foreign currency but I hope that it gives a true cost of travelling abroad without sponsorship and any income what so ever. This may spur people on or deter them completely.

I hope to include lodgings, petrol and sustenance and spare parts in this on going blog.

The cost of my trip so far with out leaving the country is thus:

Cost of bike £3010, Getting the bike home £30. Helmet £100, insurance £200. Security in the cost of chains and locks £150. Riding boots free but would have cost around £100.

Also I have noted that I am getting around 42 miles to the gallon at a cost of over £5 pounds to the gallon.

Total cost so far on bike, if you had to buy it all yourself and not rely on hand outs and freebies is £3590.

In the future I will also include the cost of bike luggage, sleeping and camping gear and the amount spent on petrol and camping while I am away.

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