New ornaments in the pond

Wow, the entry “technic cleansing” certainly got a response. I have had hate mail from dedicated PS3 owners and congratulations from X Box owners saying told you so! Well Commander Riker and me have come up with a project for the summer. CR reckons it is entirely possible to resurrect the PS3. I have pulled what is left of it out of the pond and placed it into the grid where it is currently oozing green slime. When it has drained we are going to take it to bits, clean up the insides with contact cleaner and install a new hard drive. I am going to create a wooden case to house the bits and we are going to call it a PS3 Xtreme. I have my doubts about this but CR reckons it will work.

Technical difficulties still abound and my ISP has now gone off. Calls to those very nice and helpful technical staff at some call centre on the Indian sub continent have been as much use as an ash tray on a motorbike. My access to the net and posts will therefore be sporadic and limited at best until Catsili get their finger out. You may ask why not change providers? Well most providers want to lock you into a 12 month contract and I hope to be away from here in 9 months, yes it is that close. In the meantime their may new ornaments in the pond.

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