Tedstock 08, Respect to TM he is the man

After much planning, Tedstock finally arrived. It had been put off several times due to bad weather or the inability of people to attend. A brand new grill had been assembled and much attention to the menu had taken place. Ted had bought a selection of large beef cuts and lots of ribs and there was a whole leg of lamb and a rolled shoulder of pork. Combined with the chicken and the kebabs that were made up as the day proceeded it was a veritable feast.

One of the best things about this year’s event was the fact there were very few burgers and sausages, the standard British Barbie affair. This year was all about large cuts of meat and obviously influenced by Ted’s travels throughout South America. The large cuts of beef were rubbed with rock salt and nothing else. The rolled pork was marinated in cider vinegar over night with some herbs and the lamb was covered in mustard and mint leaves and some spices. The Ribs were covered in a sticky sweet Kansassauce.

A lot of planning and months of preparation go into Tedstock and this year the guy worked his socks off. Respect and admiration goes to the man for all the hard work he put into the event to say nothing about the cost of it all. With both Ted and myself on the grill and with a beer in hand I was in my element and all too soon it was dark and time to light the bonfire that accompanies this annual event.

The bonfire this year was not on the scale of the previous years but it was big enough. Big enough in fact to scorch the overhanging branches underneath the fire. Obviously something had to be done before the need to call out the fire brigade arose. There really was only one thing to be done and a bow saw appeared as if by magic and some of the younger and fitter blades sat around the camp fire took it in turns to saw through the dangerous branches and put them somewhere safe.

It soon transpired that the safest place to put them was actually on the fire and now there was nothing above to scorch, it was really the safest option. As far as I am concerned this was one of the best Tedstock’s I have attended and the event was over all too soon. With no camp site this year due to the bad weather I climbed into a taxi with Beancounter some time in the early hours and made my way home. I am convinced that TM and me could do this for a living but not in the UK. We do not have the weather or the mentality for it however it may be possible somewhere with sunnier climes. Until then, respect to TM he is the man.


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