The costs are running riot!

The big trip has been delayed for 12 months at least and while I am sad not to be going sooner it has at least given me another 12 months to save and buy all the prospective gear I need.

I have therefore come up with four categories of expenditure. Firstly the cost of the bike and the bits that will only fit that model and cannot be transferred onto another bike at some point in the future. For example I have spent around 250 pounds on security and locks but they will be transferable to another machine.

Secondly the bits that can be transferred such as tank bags and panniers etc. Thirdly the cost of camping equipment such as a tent and sleeping bag and fourthly all of the ancillaries such as medical kit, special lightweight wash towels etc.

This weekend gone I bought a two-man tent from a camping shop. It was one of a series of experimental tents that apparently were used for exhibition but did not make it into production. It’s a Khyam tent with a quilted and waterproof groundsheet. I have never seen a quilted and padded groundsheet before and I have to assume that it is for mountain use or somewhere cold and snowy where insulation is of the utmost importance. A search on Google did not seem to come up with any thing about the tent either. Anyway I have got it and it will do the job I have in mind for it.

The next item of purchase will be a centre stand for the bike and an engine guard/crash bar. As these two items will only fit a Transalp they will be included in the cost of the bike.

I will make a spreadsheet with a link to it so each of you can see what has been purchased and for how much with a running total at the end.

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