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Things have seemed strange of late; the house is unusually quite with no doors being opened, no television on and no movement save for my own. In fact my whole life and routine have become rather disjointed. I went into the shops the other week for the weekly shop, which is something I have done on a regular basis for years and then spent an hour wondering what I should buy. Items that I would have popped into my trolley without a second thought were no longer required and I finally came home with a bottle of milk and a litre of Gin.

During this period of adjustment of not having a great deal to do or at least not knowing what to do or in what order to do it in, I have been watching television. The Sky box was always in my mums room and I never used to watch it but out of boredom I have been flicking through channels of late and to my horror I have discovered that there is absolutely nothing worth watching. Hundreds of repeats or programmes that stop every ten minutes or so for adverts have driven me to distraction.

On the plus side, it is not all doom and gloom. Many friends have been in touch either directly or vial email, phone or snail mail. BC has been an absolute blessing and has put up with my mood swings and all else with not a murmur of discontent. Some time ago my kitchen was rebuilt with new units and tiled by my good friend the Tiler. Due to mums illness the kitchen was never finished and the ceiling required replastering. Imagine my surprise then when I came home the other evening to find water all over the kitchen floor and the walls and ceiling black. My first thought was that a pipe had burst. Frantically I ran upstairs to find the said pipe and gave up after 15 heart-stopping minutes. I came back downstairs and noticed plaster dust on the walls. It was only then that it dawned on me. The Beast had been in and plastered my ceiling for me and finished off the kitchen when I was out at work. The water on the floor was left over from where he had mopped up and the walls and ceiling were dark in colour due to new wet plaster.

Its things like that, that make my day and remind me that things will get better in time. I am sure the blog will be added to very soon

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