Another beer

What a difference a few rays of sunshine make! I woke up this morning and pulled the curtains back to see the sun shining and immediately felt like doing something. Plans to get the push bike out and start a keep fit plan, get into the garden and tidy it up, spring clean the house, the possibilities almost seemed endless. I got into the garden and started work and after what seemd like 5 minutes discovered the day had gone. Standing back to admire my handiwork is when I first noticed the twinges in my back. The awful truth that I am no longer a young or very fit man set in. Welcome to middle age….

It was after a few beers to cheer myself up that i decided I was not going to give in gracefully to the advancing years. Oh no not me, I am going to grow old disgracefuly. I accept that I am no longer going to be strutting my stuff on the beach in shorts and sporting a six pack to die for, I know I am not going to get another motor bike and relive my youth blazing down the highways and byways of the UK leaving strips of rubber on the tarmac. I accept I will never be a rock God and my collection of guitars has now become my pension fund.

But……… The clocks go forward in a few short hours, British Sumer Time will soon be here and I am going to get fit. Well fitter than I am and that cant be too hard can it? I suspect that after a few more beers and trip to see my mates new band make their debut this evening will have me waking up unable to get out of bed or walk. But that is a challenge and I am determined to hone this ageing and creaking body into a lean mean knobbing machine. Well after settling back to watch England play Israel and knocking back another beer or may even a few more beers at least……

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