Branding irons

The summer is almost here and judging by the weather records its going to be a hot one. Bearing this in mind I cleaned up the grill, sorted out the garden and last weekend started to create culinary alchemy aided of course by a few beers or so. I have now made so many different things using so many different rubs and marinades that I have forgotten which ones worked and which ones didnt. So I am going to (hopefully) write the name of the marinades and rubs etc along with what cuts of meat I used with the results, good or bad, and use this blog as a record.

Last week I cooked a brisket marinaded in Stubbs beef marinade for 24 hours and then used Willys onederfuel dry rub and smoked it in a roasting tray on my grill for 4 hours. I used wet wood chips wrapped in silver foil to give it some smokey taste and basted it with Stubbs till it was cooked. The result was fantastic and the meat just fell apart and was served sliced and pulled in sandwhiches. I also cooked some chicken portions in the same manner on the grill but I used a bourbon marinade and baste. The marinade consisted of Soy sauce, Whiskey (because I had run out of Bourbon), lots of garlic and spices and some liquid smoke to compensate for the lack of Bourbon. Again this was deemed a great success by all those who tried it. For the coming weekend I am smoking some ribs and a pork shoulder. Naturally I will let you all know how it went.

Due to circumstances all attempts at building a smoker have been suspended and so during the week I bought a Brinkman smoker and I hope to use this instead of the grill for smoking large chunks of meat. Feeling rather pleased with myself and to the great hilarity and amusement in some quarters I also ordered a Grillslinger (check it out on Google) some rib racks for cooking ribs, a meat thermometer and for sheer indulgence I have ordered a steak branding iron with my initials in the brand. Is that class or what?

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