It starts here

A few months ago I received an email from a friend informing me of a forthcoming barbecue some time in summer 2007. There would be a twist to this years annual event, we would be roasting a whole pig. Quickly a small group of us got together and decided upon the best way to do this and not unaturally perhaps, the cheapest way. First you need a big fire, check. Gallons of beer, check. A pig, to be decided upon when we have a spit. A spit and some means of holding the damn thing in the air above the flames and a way of turning it around every so often. 2 out of 4 isnt so bad.

Various designs for a spit abounded after lots of alcoholic inspiration, some more practical than others but all within the bounds of possibility if not desireability. In the end we decided upon cheap speaker stands that most bands discard when they become a bit bent and shabby for the supports. The spit itself would consist of an 8 foot metal bar with a steering wheel welded onto the end to turn it around. A locking device consisting of a huge hexagonal nut welded onto the bar around 10 inches from the steering wheel and a large spanner type holder to sit on top of the speaker stands to hold it in place. When turning it around we lift the end with the nut on, a few inches into the air turn, it a few degrees and sit it back in its spanner. Voila. Total cost 30 quid (pounds to my many foreign friends who have not gotten around the vagaries of the UK’s monetary system)

Most of us have had lots of experience of standing around a gleaming barbie drinking gallons of beer and watching things go up in smoke and flames and at the end of the night thinking what a wonderful time we had. This time it is going to be different and I sought practical help for cooking whole pigs and promptly ordered 6 books from Amazon on the subject of barbecuing and making world championship sauces. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and I must say I did wonder what the hell I was getting myself into. Soak in a tub of water for 24 hours first? I dont know any one with a tub that big and as for leaving it in the bath overnight I can imagine the look of shock and horror on some ones unsuspecting face when they go for ablutions first thing in the morning! Then there is the marinade, the dry rub, the basting sauce and then the finishing sauce and it would only need 18 hours in a smoker to cook. Well it starts here.

to be continued……….

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