Ok, I got a little carried away with the recipe books but after numerous attempts I found a couple that would do the job. After a few beers, I marinaded a pork shoulder in a vinegar rub and then created a dry rub and placed it in the oven. Several hours later and after a good basting by my side kick, it came out well seasoned and very tender. The home made smoky finishing sauce made such a difference. A few days prior to this I had done the same thing with a brisket joint and the finished product was magical. I suppose the main thing about all the recipe books I bought is that I had an impressive shopping list of spices and herbs and different types of vinegar, many of which I had never heard about before. However I now boast a spice rack and herb cabinet to rival Tescos!

Its only a few days before the clocks go forward and the barbecue season will start proper. To this end I have a couple of oil drums being delivered and I am going to make proper smokers. Its all very well cooking in an oven but you have to do it outdoors with wood and charcoal. I had planned on producing my first smoked beast some time over this coming Easter, however my mum has to go into hospital over that period and I will be too busy visting her to get a real barbecue going. Its looking very likely that I will have to wait for the summer solstice to cook the beast.

On the plus side a bottle of liquid smoke is being delivered to me this coming week. Smokey Chicago style sauces will be concocted this coming weekend

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