Tedstock. The prequel (part 1)

After a long summer of rain, Tedstock has been postponed until we have confirmation about the weather and his garden dries out. In the meantime I have decided to run a prequel to the official bash this coming weekend when I will try and spit roast a lamb. I have the facilities for people to take cover in case it rains and Ted doesn’t. As I said the weather has been truly appalling and it has been the worst summer I can ever remember but finally the sun is here. You can imagine my shock as I walked into the butchers to order a whole lamb only to be told that foot and mouth has broken out in the UK and the movement of animals has been banned. This means that there may not be any animals available for the prequel. I wont know until the last minute whether the butcher can obtain a whole carcass for me.

Coupled with the bad weather and now this latest episode the whole season looks set to be a complete disaster and there is not much of it left. You could not make this up! More news as it happens.

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