Eight days after my first report to CATSIIL I still have no internet connection. I have now made 7 phone calls to the lobotomised apes that pass for call centre operatives, each with the promise that a technician will ring me the following day between the hours of 5 and 7pm. All of the "helpfull" operatives that I have spoken to are reading from a script on a screen without looking at the history of the customer to see when the last call was made and what if anything has been done to resolve the problem. Consequently each time I ring, I have to go through the routine of uninstalling and reinstalling my modem/router just to please the ape on the other end of the phone. This is about as fast and efficient as a Sloth on tranqualisers.

Finally last evening an engineer did ring, at 9pm when I was out. A message read that some changes had been made to the exchange and my problems should now be resolved. Needles to say that they have not and on Monday morning I am going to switch providors. This will mean no internet for possibly two weeks while those ever so friendly and helpfull people at CATSIIL hand over my mac code to the new providors. Until then posts will be short and brief pending my access to a connection.


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