After all even fish have feelings

Roger Moor and his family are back from a long well deserved weekend break. During the time RM was away it was left to me to look after his goldfish. While I was feeding the little fella his ant eggs, I started to think about how this guy spent his time. I mean can’t be that exciting swimming around the same old bowl everyday and going nowhere can it? So in order to brighten up his day I took him outside and let him loose in my garden pond. Having a bigger stage in which to strut his stuff, certainly suited him and within minutes he was swimming around like a dolphin in the ocean.

A bit later I put him back in his bowl and brought him indoors and placed the bowl in front of the TV screen. Bean Counter poured a large gin into his bowl and I set up what I thought would be a really interesting film for him. Naturally it was Jaws. What could be better than relaxing on a Saturday night with a stiff drink and watching a blockbuster film? Then after the film was finished I offered him a slap up meal with a choice of a tin of sardines, a tin of salmon and some tinned shrimps. By now the little guy was feeling tired so we took him back into RM’s house and BC read him a bedtime story. What could be more fitting after his hectic day than listening to a chapter or two of Moby Dick?

The Traveller texted me on Saturday morning to say he has finally arrived in sunny Malaysia and is set to venture to Australia in the very near future. I wish him well, it would appear I have more friends and relatives over there than I do at home! The weather is finally turning and the leaves are falling off the trees. What has been good though is the fine weather we have had over the last couple of weeks. Sunday gone was an exceptional day and I used it to take Rhonda and BC for a spin. It’s just a pity that the good weather is five months late! Sunday evening came and we ventured to see The Beast and we ended up having a small bonfire in his garden. All in all it has been a great weekend, one that I won’t forget in a hurry and I am sure that the fish wont either. After all even fish have feelings.


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