Back and posting again

It is with some relief that I can misquote Mark Twain and say, “rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”. It is true I was struck down by the dreaded lurgy (manflu) and confined to bed for a week shortly after my last post. However, since my recovery a week later I have been busy busy busy. A long weekend to the Isle of Wight accompanied by Bean Counter aided my recuperation. The IOW is another part of the British Isles that I can now cross of my list of places to visit. It is for me at least, a spectacular place to go. It is quiet, peaceful and the shoreline and scenery are fantastic. The weekend passed away all to soon.

Upon my return I decided to do something that has needed doing for many years. I ripped down my old back fence and gate replaced it with double gates and some new fencing. Sadly the fencing that divides my property from the home of Roger Moor is a joint fence and as soon as I removed the old rotting supports his fence and back gate literally fell over. With the help of The Beast and RM new concrete support posts and fencing were soon in place and after several coats of exterior wood paint both houses now look as though they have had a major make over. The best news is that I can take Rhonda out quite easily as when both gates are open the gap is now 5 feet and not 34 inches and Rhonda is 37 inches wide. I expect the Tiler will be quite pleased with the result when he sees the photos.

The economy has come crashing down and the news is almost exclusively full of reports that yet another bank somewhere around the world has gone into liquidation. This has left many savers worrying if they will have access to the money in these accounts. In the case of the Icelandic banks it is really serious. The assets of the country are worth less than the value of the money they owe. It is the first time that I have ever heard of a country going bankrupt. This news is not confined to any one country, continent or hemisphere and more than a few texts were exchanged in the early hours of this week between The Printer and me. Australia it seems is also in dire straits demonstrating how truly global this economic crisis is.

At least on person has managed to escape from it all and the Traveller departed for Indonesia, (it may actually be Malaysia but it has an sia at the end of it) yesterday to seek out dusky maidens and a better way of life. I hope it all comes off for him and I expect to see him briefly sometime in January before he departs for good and sets up home in the southern hemisphere. With so many people departing for sunnier or brighter economic climes it is a wonder that there is anyone left in the UK. At least Genghis and me will be here for another two years.

Genghis has taken to terrorising the rabbits in Ogri and Bodiceas’ garden. Each morning he goes to the rabbit hutch and tries to stick his paw through the wire grate. I personally believe he is merely trying to say hello and stroke the rabbits but other people tell me he has a hungry look on his face while he attempts this. Anyway he will be 12 months old in a few weeks and sadly it will be time to take him to the vets for THAT op. The mere thought of it makes my eyes water! At any rate it is nice to be back and posting again.


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