Cheers Johan

One of the last Barbie’s of the season was Johan The Destroyers’ leaving do. The young man had slaved away with cement and brickwork for much of the summer and had constructed a masterpiece of design and engineering. So it seemed only fitting that we should hold a Barbie in his honour before he set off for Territorial Army duty in foreign lands.

The weather dictated that this should be an impromptu event and as such there were no particular culinary masterpieces save for some extremely hot meat loaf which his friends assured me that they could handle without being hospitalised. Lots of chilli sauce, peppers and some raw chilli from my very own greenhouse were added to the mix and I stood back and admired the way in which straight faces were kept as one by one macho young blades stepped up to grab a plateful.

An eventful evening ended with much beer drinking lots of smoke. Photos of the evening can be found here. Cheers Johan.


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