Genghis, mate of Shere is in the building.

Well my life has certainly changed in the last few days. My mate, the Tiler, his mother in-law contacted me to ask if I wanted a kitten. I thought about it for a few minutes and asked the normal questions such as how old is it, is it tray trained, what sex is it and what colour is it. Its’ a male four months old tray trained and its mainly ginger with white bits. I was absolutely sold on the idea. I headed off to the shops to but some cat food and milk and some toys and went to pick him up. The result is I have a loveable, nay adorable kitten that I have christened Genghis. Well you can hardly expect some one like me to stand on the doorstep and shout out “ here Fluffy, where are you” beside what would the boys at the bottom of the garden say when asking him his name say when he announced in a squeaky voice that its Fluffy? He has taken over my house and my world. He has decided that my recently decorated dining room needs re-decorating and has started scratching the wallpaper off for me.

He obviously does not like any of the carpets I have chosen because he wants to rip them to shreds and as for the worktops in my kitchen, he thinks it is a great idea to jump up on them and flick things off to see what happens when they land on the floor. Consequently my house resembles a war zone. However he is happy and I love him to bits in spite of his faults. Every thing in my house is an adventure to him. Hence all of my curtains have become climbing frames and he loves all the wires behind my TV and the stereo. He loves walking across my key board as I type and it now takes me three times longer to make any post as it did prior to him being here.

I love him to bits and he is showing signs of being a regular chip off the old block. He loves big TITS. He has discovered that he can get away with shoving his nose in the cleavage of Bean Counter and not get slapped. Indeed the only comment was “Aw isn’t he cute”. It just goes to show that if you are cute and fluffy with big eyes and a handsome smile you can get away with murder. I have tried the same tack with various big breasted women over the years only to get my face slapped and be called a pervert. Genghis seems to manage this task with ease and be complimented on doing so.

I hope the mice are aware of his presence, he has not caught any yet but he is sure to scare the living daylights of any brave enough to remain in Château Ghastanbury while he is here. It is a precarious existence, he wrecks my house and I feed him and then he sits in my lap and purrs away quite contentedly. More reports will follow but for now Genghis, mate of Shere is in the building.

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