More like long legs

Wahey, it stopped raining enough for me to cut the front lawn. No big deal you might think but to me it meant a break in the weather and blue skies if only for a few short hours. However, it did lighten my mood for a short period. This has been enhanced by the amount of people who have read this blog and either emailed me, rang or even called to Château Ghastanbury to express either delight that I have made a decision or sorrow that I am finally going. It has restored my faith in humanity. My circle of friends has always been important to me but I had forgotten how many I had until the last posting. However it’s not so much farewell as au revoir. (Sic?) I shall be keeping in touch and when I do settle details will be posted so any one who wants to, can come and visit. I will always have a spare room, fridge full of beer and meat in the freezer for throwing on a hot grill.

Back to the bike situation and it’s all in the length of the legs. I have always had this theory that women have longer legs than men as in proportionately. Let me give you an example. I am 5 foot 11 inches tall with an inside leg measurement of 31 inches. This equates to approximately 43.66 % of my height. Most of the women I have known have longer legs than me even those who are shorter in height. My last long term girlfriend was five foot nine inches tall with a 33 inch inside leg measurement (aprox 47%).  Now this means she must have a shorter body than me. Given that we all have the same bits inside of us, lungs liver, heart, stomach and such like (yes I know woman have tubey bits inside of them but lets not discuss that), then there is either more space in men’s bodies or women have smaller bits inside of them. I mean do women have less space between their internal organs than men and if so what is sloshing around in men’s bodies to take up the space?

Take Bean Counter for instance, it is generally recognised by those who have met her that she is a wonderful, compassionate, witty and intelligent woman who happens to be vertically challenged. (Read dwarf or midget, I never knew the difference anyway) And, to boot she is not bad looking either.  She is five foot nothing but has an inside leg measurement of 27.2/5 inches which equates to 45.23% of her total height. So what I hear you ask. Well most of the bikes I have been looking at have a seat height of around 32 inches high. This means that not only can I not sit on one without both feet touching the floor but neither can she. This means I have to make a decision and one I had never thought of before. Do I dump her in favour of some who has longer legs, pay for surgery to have her legs extended or pay a fortune for my bike to be custom made with a VERY low seat?

Whoever would have thought that the length of a persons legs would play a major part in some one else’s destiny? As Rod Stewart sang Hot legs, more like long legs.

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