She proposed and the earth really did move for me

Its an odd thing, you wake up in the morning full of ideas and ideals and by the evening when you get chance to write them all down you have forgotten them. With most writers this is called “Writers Block”. However as I am not a writer my own condition which is often very similar is called “Bloggers Rite”. It’s like a rite of passage for bloggers that we all go through at some point or other. In some case bloggers never recover and simply let the blog slide into obscurity with not so much as a further post or explanation.

My birthday which is on Valentines Day came and went. BC took me to a five star hotel in the Lake District and I spent some time driving land rovers up almost impossibly steep inclines and forded some rivers. After this I spent some time doing the same thing on a quad bike which was immense fun. All in all it was a fantastic birthday with marvellous food in very swish surroundings and great company.

February has finally passed away for another 12 months. With this year being a leap year a few young ladies that I know took full advantage of the fact that its ok to ask a man to marry you and popped the question to the men in their lives on February 29th. Some men said yes and the best of luck to those happy couples. This concept came out of the 5th century when St Bridget complained to St Patrick that women should not have to wait so long for men to propose. The first recorded and documented practise is from Scotland in 1288. More facts for those who are interest can be found here.
Whether this custom will continue or go the same way of dowries and breach of promise remains to be seen but it has lasted for at least 1500 years and shows no sign of abating.

Onto earth moving facts and there was a minor earthquake in Lincolnshire on 27th Feb. There was no real damage as such other than to the pockets of the insurance companies. There were no droughts, famine or pestilence caused by it and by no means anything like the humanitarian catastrophes that we see around the globe on an all too frequent basis. However it did wake me up and to be honest I thought I had burglars in the house. I tiptoed downstairs, heart in mouth to see who the intruders might be. On discovering no one except a cowering cat I came back to bed convinced that Genghis had yet again knocked over some large object. Indeed it was only when the news came on in the morning I discovered what the disturbance had been.

Now if only this had taken place on February 29th then so many young men would have been able to say “She proposed and the earth really did move for me

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