either move or get a tiger

It,s been over a week since I last had a full English breakfast and I have not touched any biscuits, although there is some debate on whether shortbread is a biscuit or not. My own take on it is this if it really is a biscuit instead of bread then trading standards should be informed and action taken to ensure that that the public are not mislead. Speaking of misleading I went into a butchers the other day to buy some ribs and asked him about Ox tails. I mentioned that you don’t see many other bits of Ox for sale only tongue and tail. What happens to the rest of the Ox? He mentioned that it probably was not Ox at all but cow and that he happened to be a pork butcher so he would not know. Is this not a case for trading standards to inspect?

Onto the week and some mindless morons, probably illiterate, inbred halfwits, have started egging my windows and my car. Mindful of what happened to Gary Newlove and that was not an isolated incident, I sat and ignored it. Mine is not the only property to be attacked but it shows the isolation and sense of being unable to “do” anything when some thing like that happens. Peaceful law abiding citizens are slowly being hounded out of the UK aided by a police force that turns a blind eye to criminal damage under 500 pounds because it is not cost worthy to investigate it. The PSCO’s seem to have had limited success mainly because the powers they employ are so limited. I have not seen one in my area and I have never seen one in any area after 7-30pm.  Are they worth having? Well not from my point of view.

No post these days would be complete without an update on Genghis. He is now putting on some weight and has become increasingly playful. I suspect this is mainly due to me feeding him raw steak and full fat cream. In a few weeks he will go for his injections and inoculations and then after a couple more weeks, mainly when the clocks have gone forward, he will be unleashed onto the world at large. Rather than having him bring dead birds and frogs into my house I expect him to be dragging half dead mindless vandals. If that does not work then it’s either move or get a tiger.

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